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A former Mormon and selfprofessed atheist, McKendrick says he feels guilty about making so much money selling a book he believes is fiction, but the money is too much of a draw for him to quit. McKendrick sold the La Biblia Reina Valera online for about 73, 000 in net revenue its first year and for over 100, 000 in the second. He says itJun 04, 2018 With the Bilingual Bible (Spanish English) you have access to the Bible totally offline in two languages in the same environment. So you have: spanish bible app atheist

Trevor McKendrick, an atheist from Utah, earns more than 100, 000 annually in revenue from his Spanish Bible apps A Utah man has made a sixfigure salary by selling Bible apps, but feels guilty because he is not a practicing Christian.

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The show focuses on showing listeners what its like to get a business off the ground, and Trevor and his Spanish Bible App ended up being featured on the show! Alex asked Trevor what it was like being an Atheist Bible Salesman, and Trevor had a great time. Click to Tweet: [# Podcast How does an atheist Bible salesman get away with selling his company for 5X revenue? 2: 39: bare bones, open it up and read the Bible in Spanish. 3: 02: Built it on the cheap for literally 500. 3: 45: Adding features over the years. 4: 05: Switch to download for free and then had inapp purchases.spanish bible app atheist If you find yourself short of cash, perhaps consider taking a leaf out of Trevor McKendrick's (good) book he built a Spanish Bible app and now makes over 100, 000 a year. The most surprising part? He's not a Christian. In fact, he's a selfconfessed atheist. We don't believe in Christianity.

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Former Mormonturnedatheist Trevor McKendrick was a guest on Alex Blumberg's Start Up podcast and explained how the Spanish Bible app that he created in 2012 has generated more income than he ever imagined. spanish bible app atheist I am selling this thing I truly believe is fiction, says developer. McKendrick was raised as a Mormon, but left the faith. McKendricks apps are Spanish translations of the Bible. One is a text version that is free to download and offers inapp purchases. The other is a Spanish audiobook of the Bible that sells for 9. 99 on the Apple app store. He credits his success to the audiobook app. It was released a few months after the textbased app and has been more lucrative. He found a couple of apps that exactly fit the bill. It turned out that there were a few Spanish Bible apps that were terrible, McKendrick told host Alex Blumberg in a recent episode of Blumberg's great podcast, StartUp.