Iphone 5s chicken fat commercial

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2019-09-18 02:10

Apple is plugging the iPhone's capabilities as a fitness companion in a new commercial.Apples Go, You Chicken Fat, Go iPhone Ad Has an Odd History Behind It A soundtrack half a century old iphone 5s chicken fat commercial

A new Apple iPhone 5s commercial uses a song called Chicken Fat , originally commissioned by John F. Kennedy for the Presidential Fitness Program.

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Released during tonight's Stanley Cup Finals and titled Strength, the commercial highlights the iPhone's utility as a veritable fitness tool. The TV spot shows a number of iPhone users engaging in various fitness activities, most of which involve the use of fitness apps (e. g. Nike Running, Argus ) and iOSconnected activity trackers (e. g. Jun 13, 2014  Chicken Fat has an advantage over Lets Get Physicalor whatever your preferred workout song isbecause, in addition to stirring up the blood, it provides explicit instructions. Mrs.iphone 5s chicken fat commercial Jun 04, 2014  In the latest spot, iPhone users swim, run, and weigh themselves, all while connected to apps on their smartphones and while using accessories. And they're all working out to a track called Chicken Fat. The song in the ad was originally composed for President John F. Kennedy's physical fitness program and was

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And that kids, is this Apple iPhone 5S commercial in a nutshell. Now turn off the TV and your computer, grab your shoes (although Ive read barefoot running is the best) and get there and get down to Chicken Fat! Lyrics. Touch down Every morning Ten times! Not just Now and then. Give that chicken fat Back to the chicken, And dont be chicken iphone 5s chicken fat commercial