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The best photo and video camera apps for iPhone. Since Tangerine, the first full feature film shot on iPhone 5S and an 8 video camera app, premiered at Sundance a couple of years ago, it has become evident that iPhone videos and photos have aIt was only iPhone 3GS which allowed video recording and editing along with sharing of your videos with your friends and family. iPhone 3G and 2G could do such stuff only if you jailbreak it, and then install an app like Cycorder from Cydia. video camera app for iphone 3g

Dec 15, 2009 Check out the site and join the forum! Camcorder for 0. 99 Camcorder for iPhone 3G Qik Video Camera app for any iPhone

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Qik's VideoCamera app isn't the first to give older iPhones video recording capabilities, but it could be the first to do it well enough for nongimmick use. It'll record at 15fps with various realtime effects, including a Na'viinspired blue tint. Other features include landscape mode, zoom May 15, 2011 FiLMiC Pro has been enhanced with cuttingedge capabilities and the most responsive manual camera interface available on an iPhone, iOS Video Camera App ofvideo camera app for iphone 3g A collection of iPhone photography apps that help you create and packs in video editing features The camera app has semiautomatic as

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The following tutorial will enable the new camera roll and video editing capabilities from iPhone 3GS on your iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G. You will also get an option to upload videos you took from Cycorder app to YouTube directly from Camera Roll app just like in iPhone video camera app for iphone 3g How to Turn Your Old iPhone into a Surveillance Cam The new Surveillance Camera for Mobiscope app lets you stream live video from one iOS device to another. Mar 27, 2013  iPhone 3GS and newer iPad 2 and newer Offline Video Recording In the event your camera loses network connectivity